Clubhouse Hip Hoppin’ Happenings

Posted: April 23, 2013 in The Beat

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The Clubhouse Beat can only tell a small tale of all the cool happenings at the Clubhouse over the past two weeks.

C2C News

In C2C news, the wonderful fashion designer and Clubhouse Alumna Angie Brutus came in on Friday April 12 to talk about her journey as a designer, how the Clubhouse has supported her and offered awesome advice to Clubhouse members in the pursuit of creative endeavors

The Clubhouse went on a field trip last Wednesday to Emerson College where Clubhouse members and interns learned a lot about the Emerson Campus and saw students in action.  Emerson College is one of the best schools for film and communications in the nation.  Clubhouse members were able to catch students in the editing room and producing a news show.  They also learned the experiences they could get at Emerson including studying domestically and internationally.  For more information about the Emerson trip and more trips like this one contact Ellen Daoust, Clubhouse-to-College/Career Fellow at

Universal Design High

The Clubhouse kicked off its second week of the Universal Design High Internship.  Clubhouse Members Santa, Eric, Manny, and Hughie are taking part in this awesome experience.  Over the course of 6 weeks they will each design a game using the resources around the Clubhouse to make it blind accessible for youth from Our Space Our Place.  Our Space Our Place is a non-profit organization, offering a respectful, accessible and fun environment for elementary and high school students who are legally blind to participate in team sports, the arts, community service and mentoring.

Eric, Manny, Santa and Hughie have already started the design process by visiting the Museum of Science and brainstorming the different ways they can experience the Museum without sight.  This past week Manny and Eric started the design process for their games.  So far, Manny is working with the Makey Makey to make a blind accessible music game.  Eric is working with his beloved Rubick’s Cube to create a 3-D puzzle that is also blind accessible by adding different textures to each square.

Stay tuned to the Blog for more Universal Design High updates!

FYI to the Clubhouse Community

The Clubhouse will be closed from April 30-May 3 for the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Annual Conference.  We will be back open Saturday May 4th at 12:00 p.m.

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