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Life in the Clubhouse is humming along as usual.  This past Friday Jason Pramas photographer and editor at Open Media Boston came to the Clubhouse despite the March snow.  Several Clubhouse members braved the weather and made it in for some music making and cookies.  Insightful and engaging, Jason spoke with Clubhouse regulars Laura and Omar about the history of journalism and the awesome but sometimes difficult reality of pursuing a career in the creative field.  Jason offered to come back when the weather was better, so watch out for C2C news in April and May.

March has also been the month of Makey Makey creations.  On Friday March 15 Clubhouse Manager Jackie Gonzalez will be presenting about the Makey Makey in front of over 100 high school girls at the Microsoft Nerd Center for DigiGirlz Day.  Clubhouse member Roman along with our creative interns have been helping Jackie come up with some crazy cool ideas.  Let’s just say there may be a Makey Makey D.J. session featuring Beyonce and Taylor Swift.  Stay tuned for more details about the day.

The Adobe Youth Voices Social Justice Media Workshop participants have been making  headway in their projects.  Already in their 4th week the workshop participants have finished a short screen play, created the first several pages to a children’s book and captured some powerful images of poverty.  We were pleased and impressed to have Dan Quinn, Senior UI Developer at Genuine Interactive talk about the Copy Left Movement and how open source issues relate to social justice.  Clubhouse members and mentors alike learned about the importance of copyrighting their work and to be very cautious about recognizing the work of others.  After Dan spoke he joined the Clubhouse in their first Doc & Donuts. We gathered together and watched Makers:  Women Who Make America while snacking on some tasty donuts.

Clubhouse member Laura is working on a photo essay about the differences between poverty and wealth in Boston.  She just recently got permission from poet Ashely Rose to use her poem “The Other Side of Ruggles” as audio in her final work.  Manny and Eric are producing a short film on the issue of ageism.  Their dynamic script is bound to bring to life the issues that many young and old people face in the workforce and beyond.  Clubhouse member Khoa has illustrated  his first several pages on the short book he is creating about recycling.  Each workshop participant has been working diligently and we are excited to welcome our guest speaker illustrator and artist Mikey Guadrama for week 5 of the Social Justice Media Workshop.

Social_Justice_Workshop_Showcase (1)

Make sure to mark your calendars for the Adobe Youth Voices Social Justice Media Workshop March 30 from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. at the Computer Clubhouse.  Light refreshments will be served and parking will be validated.

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