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The past couple weeks have been buzzing in the Clubhouse.

Adobe Youth Voices Social Justice Media Workshop

Recently we kicked off the Adobe Youth Voices Social Justice Media Workshops.  This past Saturday a group of MIT student volunteers from the MIT Office of Minority Education visited the Clubhouse and helped workshop participants in the pre-production of their projects.  Each of the Clubhouse workshop participants sat down with the MIT students 1:1 to discuss how to add intention, creativity, and originality in their work.  They also helped the youth practice their media interviewing skills.  While some MIT students helped coach the workshop participants on lighting, camera angle, and flow of questioning, the other MIT students created nifty invitation flyers for the March 30th showcase of the Adobe Youth Voices Social Justice Media Workshop.

February Vacation Visits

The Flagship was pleased to have some guest appearances last Thursday from Charlestown Boys and Girls Club and Orchard Garden Boys and Girls Club.  These awesome artists came prepared for learning, creating, and collaborating.  From learning Photoshop to Garage Band to setting up a photo shoot to building a mechanical train to drawing in one point perspective, our guests left with new skills and motivation to create.  We hope to see them back soon!

Doc & Donuts Rescheduled

Doc & Donuts will be rescheduled for Saturday March 9th at 4:00 p.m.  Join us for the documentary A landmark digital and broadcast initiative from AOL and PBS showcasing compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow.

MAKERS: Women Who Make America

C2C Friday:  Exploring Summer Opportunities

Come this Friday March 1st to learn about different summer opportunities available for youth in Boston.  Hang out and learn about summer jobs, summer arts & sports programs,  and employment at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse summer program.  Clubhouse-to-College/Career Fellow Ellen Daoust will also be available for 1:1 resume review and feedback.

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