Guitar Hero, C2C, and Documentaries: This Week @ the Computer Clubhouse…

Posted: October 16, 2012 in The Beat

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This week at the Computer Clubhouse we’ve been up to some neat stuff.  Clubhouse Manager Jackie Gonzalez with the help of clubhouse members made a homemade Guitar Hero game with the Makey-Makey.

Clubhouse members Roman, Alila, and Ali teamed up to make a clash of the titans special effects video.  Stay tuned to the Village to see what they create.

Each Friday college and career knowledge seeps into the Clubhouse through awesome games like C2C:  What do you know?  and Resume Me This!  Swing on by this Friday to make your own business cards and October 26th to hear our guest C2C speaker Sarah Brown, PhD Student in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University.

The Flagship also kicked off the first week of the Documentary Volunteer Internship.  After a screening of other Adobe Youth Voices documentaries, learning the basics of filming, and getting a visit from Education Coordatinor at Fitchburg Access Television and Documentary Maker Timothy Daoust, the interns are well on their way to sketching out their projects.

Come by the Clubhouse Wednesday, October 17 @ 5:00 p.m. for our 2nd Clubhouse Council!

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