World Builders 2012: Week 6 We Did it Again! The World Builders 2012 Showcase

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Events, Games, Photos, The Beat
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Once again our young World Builders pulled off their amazing 6-week project and created a whimsical world filled with wonder and play.  Youth ages 10-13 worked in collaboration with teen interns and volunteers to produce a live-action role-playing game reflecting their interests, skills and talents.  Using both high and low tech along with recycled materials and craft supplies, the group worked on designing, proto-typing, building and showcasing their world.  It was a great success for all of our young participants!

More than 100 people of all ages attended the showcase and played the game with us.

Congratulations to Clubhouse summer interns, Brandon Lam, Logan Graham, Edwin Vallejo, Jennifer Aybar, Jennifer Zavala, Angel Hernandez, Andrez Marzan, Arnie Pangilinan, teen volunteers Stefania D’Amato, Hilery Chow, Cindy Lee, Khoa Truong, Davis Rochester , Peter Garrity and clubhouse mentors-in-training, Jordan, Fred, Daniel, Jasmine & David.  You did an excellent job this summer!

Special thanks to our community partners at Danger!Awesome, SciCore Program Staff, Clubhouse Coordinator David Selles, America’s Promise Fellow Ellen Daoust, new Clubhouse Manager Jackie Gonzalez, Clubhouse parents Joanne Daley & Julie Ahern and everyone at the MIT Media Lab, Intel, Museum of Science and Computer Clubhouse Network who participated as guest speakers and mentors in the project.

It was a wonderful privilege to direct World Builders 2012 with all of your support and contributions.  Please keep imagining, building and sharing your visions.

The world is a better place for it 🙂


-Rosa Aleman

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