Clubhouse to College August Spotlight

Posted: August 28, 2012 in The Beat

We would like to introduce our first Clubhouse to Career spotlight!  Along with the career skills that Computer Clubhouse members pick up through our up-to-date software and innovative resources, we frequently welcome knowledgeable, accomplished, and intelligent guest speakers to the Clubhouse.

We would like to spotlight Tiffany Tseng, Graduate Student at MIT who works with the Lifelong Kindergarten group.  Tiffany spent the afternoon with the World Builder’s program exposing us to the Life Long Kindergarten’s recent work with Makey-Makey and Scratch.  She also showed us her own work using reactivision codes and programming on processing.  Reactivision codes are an open source framework that allow for black and white objects to be placed in front of an imaging system and recognized on screen as something different.  After her presentation she stuck around the Computer Clubhouse supporting the World Builders with their own project design and creativity.

Check out this video to hear Tiffany’s advice to Computer Clubhouse Members!

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