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World Builders 2012: Week 5

This week we welcomed new Flagship Clubhouse coordinator Jackie Gonzalez!  Jackie comes to the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network from the Digital Media Academy where she taught Science and Engineering courses.  She will be helping Rosa and David finish up the World Builders summer program and will begin her fall programs at the Flagship early September.

We also welcomed Michael Lydon to the project this week.  Michael is a student at the New England Institute of Art and he has begun a media production internship at the Clubhouse to help us out with World Builders and fall programs as a multimedia producer and youth mentor.

Clubhouse member Fred and his mom Julie Ahern brought in a cake and had Clubhouse members decorate it as part of a little impromptu farewell celebration for current Clubhouse coordinator Rosa Alemán.

World Builders Week 5 Review:

The World Builders began their fifth week with a series of guest speakers from the MIT Media Lab.  They worked with Chris Garrity, a programmer working with the Clubhouse Village community.  Chris gave the teens an opportunity to reflect on their projects and document the parts of World Building that have been most appealing to them.  They spent some time posting photos and videos of their work on the village, commenting on people’s projects and exploring the global network.

The second guest speaker Scratch Community Coordinator, Amos Blanton of the Lifelong Kindergarten group, shared some of his work with the World Builders and spent some time exploring their projects and giving them feedback.

We were also joined by Tiffany Tseng, a mechanical engineer and research assistant at the Media Lab.  She shared several of her projects with the group and gave an interesting and engaging workshop on reactivision codes and programming on processing.

Kayla Desportes from Intel Hudson stopped in on Wednesday and spent some time catching up with the group and helping them build some of the physical components of the world.

We spent the rest of the week working with the younger Builders.  Some workshop highlights include:

Butterfly Making with Arnie and Jennifer,  Drawing Anime with Hilery and Stephania, Duct-Tape Wallet Making with Edwin, Fossil Making/community building workshop, Intros to UDK and Blender with Davis, Peter and Logan.

World Production Updates:

Jennifer Aybar collaborated with David Selles, tech design manager for the project and Clubhouse assistant coordinator.  Working closely with a team of Builders, Jennifer was able to bring her life-size maze closer to completion.  The maze she and her fellow Builders have designed contains within it the “History of the World”, or rather the five mythical regions that make up the realm WB 2012 crew has collectively conceptualized and manifested.  Jen’s region is called Amaze Me! It’s filled with fossils, artifacts, art and games that inform the travelers about the world they’ve been journeying through.

Other regions include Electros, a virtual world created by Logan Graham in collaboration with 3-D building engineers Peter Garrity and Davis Rochester.  This realm features a volcanic wasteland populated by monsters on one level and on another level defined by powerful crystals that generate electricity to power the world’s technology.

We also have The Great Treasure Hunt created by Brandon Lam and a team of young builders, an Indiana Jones style Scratch adventure that is interactive and challenging.

Yetopia, created by Arnie Pangilinan is a breathtaking winter resort, miraculously and magically populated with glowing butterflies year round.

Mermaids Cove,  a fluorescent underwater realm created as a collaboration between Jennifer Zavala and Angel Hernandez, features paintings by Stephania D’Amato, Hilery Chao, Cindy Lee, Ellen Daost as well as art work by the young Builders from our partner organizations.

All together these five regions make up this years’ new world, which will open to the public next Wednesday and Thursday (August 22nd &23rd, 3pm-6pm).

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