Clubhouse Members Work Together to Address the High School Drop Out Crisis

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Photos, The Beat, Uncategorized
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So far 2012 has been a great year for Clubhouse member and multimedia producer Gabriel Ward.  In addition to earning a merit-based Intel Clubhouse to College/Clubhouse to Career scholarship, Gabe also made it to the final round of a video production competition sponsored by Intel and the America’s Promise Alliance.  With his original script idea and storyboard, he earned a $1,000 video production budget to use toward addressing the current high school drop out crisis.

For the past month Gabe and Smaibery, an up-and-coming  young music producer and Clubhouse member, collaborated in the Clubhouse studio to produce an original soundtrack for the final storyline.

Last Saturday ten Clubhouse members pitched in as actors and crew members to produce the final video.   We submitted the project to APA on Friday and we’re hoping to hear back soon.  If selected, Gabe, Smaibery and four other Clubhouse members will earn an all expense paid trip to Washington, DC to present their project in front of a large audience of teachers, policy makers, students and education professionals from across the country.

Clubhouse members worked very hard to make this happen.  Please watch the premiere below, keep us in mind and send a lot of good vibes our way as we wait to hear back.

We’ll let you know how things turn out.


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