Weekly Spotlight: Zach & the World Builder’s Project

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Events, Photos, The Beat, Uncategorized, Videos
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This week’s spotlight goes to Zach Snook, Clubhouse Intern/Mentor for the World Builder’s Summer Project.  He joined us from Pennsylvania for three weeks and served as a youth mentor and robotics contractor collaborating with the four team captains of our summer program.

He spent his time at the Flagship building machines for each of the islands we’re constructing collaboratively.  He started his volunteer work building LEGO cars and sorting through the buckets of LEGOs in our Clubhouse.  He worked with the younger participants, building complex structures inspired by the early narratives of each team captain’s island.  He built a windmill, a robot, a waving hand, a couple of catapults and a crane amongst other things.

Check out the slideshow of Zach awesome LEGO creations:

Zach, thanks for spending time with us and sharing your skills with the Clubhouse community.  You will be missed!  Stay in touch and come visit whenever you’re in town!

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