First and foremost we would like to extend a warm welcome to Kahlil and Eugene, the newest members of our Clubhouse community.  We’re looking forward to getting to know you and work with you on many projects in the months and years ahead.

Welcome to the Flagship’s creative team!

The World Builders Workshops have begun!

Week 1:

This week we kicked off our summer program with a visit from the Life Long Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab.  Natalie Rusk, Mitchel Resnick and Ricarose Roque helped us get started with a great workshop on Scratch featuring WeDo sensors and motors.  We began brainstorming ideas and exploring the tools and software that will help us with our summer production.

This summer we have four teams of youth ages 10-14 participating in hands-on multimedia workshops leading to the creation of a whole new world… a world made almost entirely of recycled materials and made interactive by the application of tech tools and software such as Adobe cs5, Scratch, Scratch boards, Lego WeDo kits, Lego Mindstorm kits, digital cameras, projectors, microphones and more.

The teams seem excited about the project and the Clubhouse interns (team captains) have already begun applying the ideas that the young World Builders are bringing to the project.  We are working with two teams from the YMCA summer camp, one team from East End House and one from the Italian Home.  The kids spent this past week planning and prototyping ideas for the four islands that will make up their world.

With WeDo motors and sensors in hand, we’ve begun to think about how we will make the four islands of our world interactive and playful, creative and unique.  We’re trying to figure out how we’re going to build a mechanized catapult contraption that will launch mini marshmallows when people stand at a certain distance.  We’re also working on animal mash-ups using Photoshop and Scratch.  So far we have an island that features a cross between a lion and a tiger and one featuring a unicorn with a turtle’s shell.  In addition to imagining new possibilities, we’ve also scratched the surface of  some heavy stuff; we’ve talked about natural resources, food, water, shelter, war and peace, natural defense systems and the development of culture.

The Clubhouse interns have begun building castles and forts out of cardboard.  We’re also collecting empty water gallons to make a large igloo.  So far we’re off to an exciting and creative start. We’ll see what else the kids come up with in the coming weeks.

Video Coming Soon!
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