This week at the Flagship,  Clubhouse Mentor David Selles began assembling the awesome and complex 3-D Printer from Bits-from-Bytes.  We captured a few snapshots of him and Allison, the ICCN Alumni Coordinator, working on this little gem.

Arnie (Clubhouse member) helped Kripa, our newest member, start a project on Kodu.  She’s already working on the first stage of her game.

Eric made some progress on the intro of his RPG VX game.  Krishna worked on a digital painting project.  Shimals mixed music in the studio.

We brought the week to a close with a little practice session for the upcoming Improv Comedy Workshop.

Saturday morning we had some Green Table art projects going with Abby (new member) and long-time mentor Lorraine.

Duke dropped in to work with David on the vinyl cutter.  He designed a decal sticker for his cell phone on Adobe Illustrator and stuck around for a while to shared with us this incredible video about rapid prototyping printers capable of printing organs and skin from human cells.

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