New Experiences @ The FlagshipCC

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Events, Photos, Videos

Friday night we went to the opera!

We’ve been on the look out for new experiences involving art and technology.

This weekend, as part of our C2C program, we had a chance to witness an impressive fusion of theater and technology on the Cutler Majestic stage.  Thanks to Mitchel Resnick and the MIT Media Lab, a group of Clubhouse alumni, members, mentors and staff had the opportunity to see Death and The Powers, a captivating tech-opera  by Tod Machover.  Here’s a short clip of the Prologue from the OperaoftheFuture Youtube channel:

The show was thought-provoking and moving in a very uncommon way.

The essence of the storyline:

In a human-less world populated by machines, a group of robots attempt to tell the story of the people who came before them.  The robots have stored away the memories of humans.  As they play back these memories, they try, but fail to understand the substance of human life.  The machines can’t compute happiness or joy.  They are unable to make sense of pain and suffering, unable to understand human love and emotions.  In the end, they don’t have the power to grasp, to become conscious of what humanity is made of.  But even so, they are the only system, the only channel remaining on the planet capable of broadcasting the symbols of our lives.

The contrast between the sleek, sterile-looking machines and the powerful human songs radiating from them creates a sharp and illuminating image that glistens in the mind long after the show is over.  One can’t help but examine the role that technology plays in everyday life and form questions about what will happen with the memories we capture and leave behind.

With that said… Here’s a little video montage of our experience out and about in Boston.

Press Play

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